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    Your device is hacked. Open now.

    Oh looks like someone hacked my device and recorded my video while stripping and showering! I don’t strip and my device is not nearby while showering, but maybe I did these during my sleep? Who knows. I’ll pay $1405 so he deletes the videos. Nice email btw Email from Admin Your device is […] More

  • Debble Dyrek order LG CXPUA 77" Class HDR 4k UHD Smart OLED TV



    Debble Dyrek order LG CXPUA 77″ Class HDR 4k UHD Smart OLED TV

    My credit card has $3k limit but it looks like they managed to charge me $4,093.88. My name is also not Debble Dyrek but it doesn’t stop me from calling 1-800-484-4132 or emailing to find out what’s going on. I hope they send a full refund to my card LG order email for Debble […] More

  • Dr Sarah M. Jabbar

    Dr Sarah M. Jabbar from Syria

    Dr Sarah M. Jabbar from Syria reached out today (via Looks like her late husband has some funds she wants to invest. I can help but it depends on how much she has. This might be another opportunity to make more millions. Why am I in BCC though? Email from Dr Sarah M. Jabbar […] More

  • Mrs. Dual Vidal in Canada (

    Mrs. Dual Vidal in Canada (

    Apparently, I have a relative Mrs. Dual Vidal in Canada who thinks I’m dead so she wants to get my $7.3m. I’m glad the Good Samaritan Steve Manse with a Hungarian email address ( found this out by using my email. Thank you Steve <3 Dual Vidal you’re evil More

  • Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spam

    Mohammad Ashraf Ghani (

    Today, I was flattered to be contacted by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the 14th President of Afghanistan via his Gmail account ( He needs an account for transferring his $800m cash. He offers a percentage of it in return for the favor. I’ll help. God bless him <3 More

  • in

    AT&T Free Msg from +1 917 374 6147

    I got a text from AT&T (+1 917 374 6147). I’m glad that they found an overcharge on my last bill. I don’t see anything wrong with my last bill and I use T-Mobile but it’s ok. I’m always happy to have extra bucks no matter where. Thank you, AT&T <3 Text: AT&T Free Msg: […] More