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    Engineers Found a Better Way to Surf on Internet

    When you study or read a book, you probably want to use a colorful marker or pen to highlight important parts of the text. Hopefully, there are solutions to carry this same habit to online world. Check these 3 highlighting tool to move your online reading experience to the next level. Diigo It’s been over […] More

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    5 Apps You Will Ever Need for Your Road Trip

    Road trips are much more affordable than taking flights. However, you need to be prepared better since it takes more time to get to your destination. These apps will make your road trip a lot more fun and easier! They will let you enjoy your journey with less worries, especially in the areas that don’t […] More

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    Unfriend Tracker – Easily Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook

    It’s the question everyone asks themselves at least once: “Who unfriended me on Facebook?“. Is there an unfriend tracker? Facebook doesn’t notify you when someone deletes or blocks you in order to keep the site “friendly”. However, it doesn’t stop people to look for the answer. Don’t you want to know when your ex removes […] More



    How to Be a Cool Guy Like Him? (As Easy As Using Instagram)

    Fashion is not just for girls! Instagram is not just for following girls! Follow these man’s fashion accounts on Instagram to get inspirations and find your way into her heart! 1. Men With Style Rate the suit look A post shared by Men With Style (@menwithstyle) on Jan 17, 2017 at 12:12pm PST Stylish choices […] More



    How to be The Most Annoying Person in Meetings? (9 Easy Ways)

    Meetings are all about having respect and being on point. Avoid these 9 behaviors to get the most out of your meetings while not distracting your colleagues. 1. Always come late Everyone’s time is precious. Always being late to meetings is a perfect way to disrespect those who are punctual. If a meeting is scheduled at 11, it […] More



    7 Easy Ways to Fail on Writing a Book

    Writing a technical book is a perfect way to prove your knowledge, improve your skills, and gain more reputation and popularity in your expertise. After writing 3 technical books, I have decided to share my experience so that those who are planning to get in front of a word processor can have a head start. […] More

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