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Hey Diego Rafi, thank you for reaching out to me buddy (from It’s hard to understand your English but sounds like you have a video of me jerking off. Can you tell me how you managed to record it even though I don’t have cams at home at all? I need to learn

Email from Diego Rafi (

We will speak specifically about you, for the compromising info with this habit is only regarding you. are u okay with the stat that tells that men once in a while jerk off? But at this point I do not care about others. Your avocation is similar to drug addiction. It could be said that u are sick. So that u understand the scope of this problem, I downloaded the contacts from ur email and I’ll send your video clip to ur closest people. I don’t even know the additional way I’ll distribute your vid. Read the file attached in order to save ur wretched public standing.

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