Email from Daisy Jones (

Email from Daisy Jones (

I got an email from Daisy Jones ( Apparently, they have my nude videos but I don’t understand what they want me to do. I’m ready to send money wherever they want if they remove the video. Daisy, please send me an account number or Paypal address

Email from Daisy Jones (

We’re gonna talk particularly about you, since the dirt with this habit is only on you. Your penchant is similar to drug dependency. It could be said that you are ill.Jack, do u agree with the statistics that claims that men once in a while masturbate? But at this moment others don’t interest me. You can try to beseech me, but after sending the notice I will delete the address. So that you understand the scale of this problem, I saved the contacts from ur mail and I’m gonna send your video clip to your loved ones. I do not even know the additional way I will distribute ur video clip. I would like to recommend you to hide the web camera of ur device while doing something like this. No one can guarantee that ur device is safe from external interference. Fidelity to ur partner is the best defense against the situations like that. If u flout me, in 90 h your public image is gonna be annihilated in the sight of people.

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Your device is hacked. Open now.

Email from Diego Rafi

Diego Rafi (