7 Valuable Lessons I Learned from Talent Inc

We have completed Talent Inc March 2020 showcases about 2 weeks ago. I was one of the performers who participated in acting and modeling showcases. I would like to share my experience with future performers and help them get the best of their time during the Talent Inc weekend at B Hotels & Resorts in Orlando!

Let’s start with a quick introduction about the program and jump right into my experience.

What is Talent Inc? When is it?

Talent Inc is a program designed for actors, models, singers, dancers, and other talents to showcase their skills in front of talent agencies coming from around the world.

There are 4 showcases every year:

  • 2 showcases in Orlando (USA)
  • 1 showcase in Toronto (CANADA)
  • 1 showcase in London (UK)

Since I joined the showcase in Orlando, this post will reflect my experience in the Talent Inc USA. However, I am guessing that the program is not very different in Canada and the UK.

The showcases in Orlando are in March and August every year.

The main purpose of the program is meeting agents and hopefully signing a contract. There are also awards given at the end of program in the following categories.

Talent Inc Awards:

  • Overall Adult Male Actor
  • Overall Adult Female Actor
  • Overall Child Actor
  • Overall Adult Talent
  • Overall Child Talent
  • Overall Classic Model
  • Overall Commercial Model
  • Overall Child Model
  • Overall Male Fashion Model
  • Overall Female Fashion Model

In addition to these Overall awards, there are scholarships and vouchers given to select performers.

Who is Talent Inc for?

Talent Inc is for everybody who would like to access more opportunities in the entertainment industry by showcasing their skills. There are 3 main categories for showcases: Acting, Modeling, and Talent. The Talent category has a broad meaning. It could be singing, dancing or any other talent.

Showcase categories and subcategories:

  • Acting
    • TV Commercial
    • Improve
    • Film Scene
  • Modeling
    • Photography
    • Runway
    • Swimsuit (for adults only)
    • Sporty Runway (for kids only)
  • Talent (Singing, dancing, etc.)

I have noticed that the most emphasized category is Acting in this program. As an actor and model, I performed in both Acting and Modeling categories.

My Experience at Talent Inc

It was an unforgettable experience! I had a lot of fun, improved my skills during the training and the program, and more importantly, met a lot of cool people!

Just like many other industries, having connections is one most important investments you can make in the entertainment industry. Talent Inc provides an amazing opportunity to meet talent agents as well as directors, organization crew, and of course, other performers.

I think showing a few photos from the event would give a strong idea about the program to the future performers!

Acting Showcase

Here are a few photos of my acting performances!

Talent Inc acting and modeling showcase
TV Commercial performance
Talent Inc acting and modeling showcase
Improv performance
Talent Inc acting and modeling showcase
Film Scene performance

Here is how each performance works:

  • TV commercial: Performers line up by their numbers. Each commercial is 45 seconds. You perform the commercial you prepared for.
  • Imrov: Performers line up by their numbers. Each scene is 45 seconds. You are given the topic by the moderator right before your scene. Performers over 12 years old are matched with the person before or after them. Performers under 12 years old do improv with a Talent Inc instructor
  • Film scene: You line up with your group (school or agency). Each scene is 60 seconds. You perform the scene you prepared for with the scene partner you have been practicing with.

Modeling Showcase

Here are the photos from the modeling showcases I participated (Runway and Photography):

Talent Inc acting and modeling showcase
Runway walk
Talent Inc acting and modeling showcase
Photography walk

How it works:

  • Runway walk: Performers line up by their numbers. When you first enter and when you exit, there is another model next to you. You pose together. Then you walk to the X mark on the edge of the runway. Each performer’s walk takes about 30 seconds. You are the only model on the stage during this time. You pause at the X mark and do two poses. Photos are taken at that time. The general approach is not smiling on runway walk.
  • Photography walk: Performers line up by their numbers. Just like the Runway walk, you pose with another model when you enter and exit the stage. The walk is about 30 seconds. You stop at X mark and do two poses. Photos are taken. Your headshots are displayed on screens (one headshot while walking to the audience, another shot while going back). The general approach is to smile during the photography walk.

Lessons I learned at Talent Inc

This is a program packed full of fun and opportunities! Here are a few tips to perform better and also get the most out of your time there:

  1. Don’t be nervous! You are not alone. There will be over 100 people in your shoes. It’s also a friendly environment. Agents and audience want you to do a good job!
  2. Compete with yourself. Even though there are other performers, don’t see them as your opponents. Always race with yourself. Be better at your skill compared to yourself yesterday.
  3. Make friends. Make friends. Make friends. I can’t stress it enough. The best part of this program is meeting with amazing people around the country! Talk to people on hallways, at backstage, in the audience, everywhere! Connect with them on social media as much as possible!
  4. Be confident. You got this. You have been preparing for it. Just take a deep breath, go on the stage, and perform! That’s your chance to shine and take your career to the next step!
  5. Be fancy (in the Runway performance)! Unlike acting performances where you have to wear a black top and khaki pants, you can wear whatever you want for your Runway walk. Go the extra mile before the program to search for trendy outfits to improve your chance for winning the Overall Fashion Model award!
  6. Post photos on Instagram. Take a lot of photos and post them on Instagram by tagging #talentincmarch2020 (change the tag based on the month and year you are attending). At the end of the program, one photo will win an award!
  7. Prepare well. Except the Improv performance, you know the scene (or walk) in other performances. Practice rigorously. Get feedback from several instructors and other actors/models. Make changes to your performances. Keep improving them. Once you are in line to go on the stage, your practice is all you have with you.

I know that future performers have a lot of questions prior to this program! Please submit a comment with your question. I would love to help fellow performers!

If you have already attended Talent Inc, please share your experience in the Comment section!

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