7 Lessons Life of Heath Ledger Teaches us

From the early days when Heath wasn’t into the movies, he did a lot of television shows and film productions. But he realized that it is not what he wants from his life. Soon he moved to the United States to build his acting career. Heath Ledger has appeared in 19 films, out of which The Dark Knight was the most applauded film of his career.

Heath Ledger was nominated for many awards and has also won a few of them, but an actor of his class don’t need awards to get recognized. His work was enough to get him more respect than an award winner gets. His career was filled with a lot of ups and downs, his life has taught a lot of teachings that are enough to live like a legend. Heath Ledger died on January 22 2008, and on his 10th death anniversary, this post is a tribute to the acting legend.

7 Life Lesson Heath Ledger taught us

Life lessons are something that has to be learned the hard way. There’s no shortcut, only way through is the hard way. But the best, or probably the worst part of life is that it teaches only after you fail. Unlike our teachers, coach, mentors who teach first and then you are examined.

But in case of Life, you fail first. Without that there’s no other way out. If not to everyone, I am definitely affected by Heath Ledger’s passion for being in front of the camera. It was this passion that kept him going through his tough times. Even Heath Ledger has failed a lot of times and here’s what his failures have taught us.

#7 If you want to do what you love, you have to work more than anyone else”

Most people give up soon after beginning their attempts, which is not wrong either. It depends on the instincts, if your instinct tells you to give up – It’s better to give up. Because waiting for a result to come from the attempt you are not believing in is not sensible.

People listen to what others say or copy what others are doing and then screw up with the thing they love. You can live someone else’s dream while you are living yours. You need something, you go there work out, work out hard and get it. No one’s going to come to you as a Santa Clause and gift you that. Undoubtedly, there will be a phase where you won’t see any results that’s exactly when you have to push yourself harder.

If you can dream it in your head, you can have it in front of you. All it takes is directional efforts and dedicated time.

#6 There is fear behind anger

Do you get angry upon seeing your efforts not being fruitful? Did you just piss yourself off just because you couldn’t do one more set of crunches? Its normal, you are afraid of losing or maybe trying harder, thinking that you might fail.

A moment of anger leads to so many moments of regrets if not controlled right. Anger is like a mad elephant, if not controlled it can destroy anything that comes in front of it. Whenever we get angry, we think the source is from outside. No, it’s from within. We let ourselves react that way. If we closely watch the situation, we can find a sense of fear.

  • Fear of losing
  • Fear of defeat
  • Fear of vulnerability

Just get over the fear, and you will be able to move forward.

#5 Our Everyday habits create our future selves

Did you know, Heath Ledger had a habit of recording his thoughts in camera on DAILY BASIS. Understand how was he able to be so normal while playing the roles. Never underestimate the power of continuous efforts, it definitely takes a lot of patience but patience itself has a hell lot of power.

Even a soft rope can leave marks on a rock on rubbing daily. This is the power of continuous efforts. Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, what you do today will determine what you will be doing tomorrow.

#4 Your emotions are SKILL and it will take practice to master this SKILL

A human is a bag of emotions. Emotions take times to settle. Just the way you take time to learn to play Guitar or play soccer. You emotions are skills that you need to learn to master. You cannot be friends with everyone, they will use you. You cannot be rude to everyone, you will be left alone. You need to have your emotions like arrows, take out the right one at the right time. You just have to master using it, when to use is a part of it.

Heath Ledger was a classic example of this, he mastered to control his emotions. He knew which one to fire when in front of the camera.

#3 Everyone has their own life goal

The worst part of being around humans beings is that, no matter what they will judge you. No matter what your goal is, there will be someone who’s gonna find something wrong in what you do. Let alone others, we ourselves tend to judge someone who’s trying to change the mainstreams, the set pattern that this world is following.

Cut some slack, let it change. We wouldn’t be enjoying the change we have right now if the people in the past hadn’t let it change. A cliché phrase sounds apt here,

It is worth acknowledging that, at the end of the day, we all must provide for ourselves.

Let us not poke in each other’s lives, and let the change take place. The only thing that will happen after this is “GOOD”.

#2 The achievement will never be as appealing as the journey

I remember Heath Ledger’s early days when his movies weren’t giving him the roles he is capable of playing. He didn’t quit, he stood still, he kept giving his best performances in all of his roles. He proved to be one of the most versatile actors Hollywood will ever have.

This journey will never be shadowed by his achievement in The Dark Knight. No doubt, he got a world recognition for this. But the journey he has lived through is too legendary to compare with that achievement. It was the by-product of his journey. What he sacrificed in the journey will never be compensated by his achievements.

The journey is more beautiful than the destination.

#1 Why so serious?

I don’t understand why people link working hard and being serious while working hard. I mean, why can’t they just be cool while working hard. It is not at all necessary to be serious while you are working hard to get nearer to your goal.

The best flow happens in moments of Joy, the best decisions are made out of joy. It doesn’t take a nerd to figure this out. Life is all about having fun, especially when working hard and inching towards your goal. Even if you fail, you’d be on safer side. As you were joyful while working, being happy is the purpose of life. Just be happy, even if you fail you’ve fulfilled the purpose of your life.

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