A Girlfriend under $50 Who Makes Everything You Want (and It’s Legal)

This way of finding a company will completely change your life

Have you met Alexa yet? She is Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant. Controlling your TV, lights, doors, cameras are only a few things she is capable of doing!

Check out this video from a regular internet user to see what Alexa can do for you!

In this video, Alexa:

  • Turns on/off lights (with smart bulbs)
  • Change the color and brightness of lights (with smart bulbs)
  • Turn on/off TV (with Harmony)
  • Tells about weather
  • and of course, plays music!

Give it a try for only $30!

Written by Jack in the Box

Jack spends a lot of time on internet. He likes cool stuff. He enjoys writing. He likes everything social. More importantly, he likes SHARING! Jack is nice. Be like Jack

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