5 Apps You Will Ever Need for Your Road Trip

road trip apps

Road trips are much more affordable than taking flights. However, you need to be prepared better since it takes more time to get to your destination.

These apps will make your road trip a lot more fun and easier! They will let you enjoy your journey with less worries, especially in the areas that don’t have internet connection.

1. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers app

Here is your best friend for your trip. Just add all the places you want visit and Roadtrippers will find the best route for you. It also suggests you point of interests that are worth to see along your route. You can invite your friends to the app so they can view and edit the trip plan.

2. Google Maps with offline maps

Google Maps offline

Important! You will probably won’t have internet in some parts of the road. So make sure to download offline maps unless you want to surprise yourself with a city you didn’t expect to go! Google Maps allows you to download maps via a Wi-Fi network. It’s very fast and easy to download a map of the area you will travel to. Downloaded maps expire after 30 days which is probably longer than your trip.

3. Splitwise

Splitwise app

You have a travel buddy? You need this app. Splitwise makes a lot easier to share the cost of the trip. Hotel, gasoline, food… You name it. Just enter the amount you paid for the group and it will tell you who should pay how much! It’s a life saver when you go to a long trip with 3 or more friends.

4. Spotify with offline songs

Spotify app

Music is what makes a road trip a road trip! Make sure to create a list of your favorite songs and download them before your trip. You will thank yourself later when there is no radio channel available or no cellular signal in your phone.

5. Evernote

Evernote app

Which places you would like to visit? What gifts your friends would love? Where to find best coffee? Write down everything in your mind to this pretty note-taking app. You will have access to your notes even if you don’t have internet.


TripAdvisor app

Do you want to find the top 10 things to do in the city you are visiting? Use TripAdvisor to find best places to visit. It becomes handy especially if you have a short amount of time in a city.

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