5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated Always and Become a Power House.

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We all go through the awesome moment when we see an amazing movie or a video which makes us motivated like a magic wand. We decide to be better person henceforth and no procrastinate any further. We become a powerful source of self-motivation. But soon after we get up next morning, we are same as yesterday. A lazy lump of flesh doing same old things like every other person around. Sooner or later this kinda annoys us and makes us hate ourselves.

This will eventually take us to serious depression mode where we see no more hope of having a better life. We feel jealous of others around us as they are progressing rapidly towards their goal(s). Furthermore, the pictures they post of their vacation on facebook makes you feel like killing yourselves.

But not anymore. Here I have compiled a power-packed list of habits/practices that will keep you motivated always.

Let’s begin.

Why is self-motivation important at first?

Self-motivation works like an auto-pilot mode inside you. Whenever you have set some goals there are chances that you might feel demotivated at times. That’s how the brain works. If it doesn’t see any results after putting efforts, it feels exhausted.

While you are beginning the practices to get closer to your goals, the results are small. So small that they seem negligible. Like your first 1 mile non stop run will not result in a 6 mile run the very next day. There are chances that you run same 1 mile next day but faster. You may not notice it, but there is a result of your efforts.

This is why self-motivation is needed. So that can keep going and not stop upon putting little efforts and expecting immediate results. If you know how to keep yourself motivated, you can never let your brain feel exhausted and achieve your goals as fast as you can.

So let’s see the tips that can organize yourself so as to organize your goals and achieve it.

Self-motivation tip #1: Limited offers

Some of the most beautiful things in our lives have one thing in common – They’re limited. Be it the vacation you’ve been to or the lovely date you will be going this weekend or this awesome article you are watching right now.

Having a mindset that we have ample amount of time makes us procrastinate. No, you’re wrong. The time is up and running and it will not wait for anyone, it hasn’t waited for anyone. Don’t pretend to have endless time or you are immortal.

Accept it. You have limited time and you have to perform your best in this limited time. Imagine if that soccer game would go beyond 90 minutes, limitless I’d say. Will the players play with the same enthusiasm? Will the spectators stay? A big NO. That’s how important time is.

Self-motivation tip #2: Eyes on prize

Consider this example. If I tell you to shoot a ballon and finite distance with a dart you’d do it easily right? But if I tell your beloved to hold the ballon at their head and tell you to shoot the dart. You’d feel nervous and defocused right?

After a lot of courage gathering, you will shoot the dart. You might even miss the target and hurt your beloved or totally miss the target and shoot it somewhere else. The same thing happens in self-motivation also. When you are working to get things done for your goals, you tend to focus on failures, stress and tiring that you’ll feel after working out. Or even worse, you may even doubt yourself. That’s exactly when you have to shift your focus from all the negative things and focus on the achievements and accolades you will get after you are successful.

Self-motivation tip #3: Stay hungry

Source: Google Images

In his book, 10 ways to stay motivated, the author Steve Chandler has mentioned an instance of his meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold wasn’t into Hollywood that time and hence the author wasn’t active in interviewing him.

As part of his job, Steve asked Arnold about his future plans. Arnold calmly replied as he ate his food, “Get into Hollywood”. Steve laughed sarcastically and asked him further how is he going to do this? Again Arnold calmly replied, “just like I did for bodybuilding”.

Steve wrapped up his interview soon and went back. In a matter of few months, he saw Arnold’s Terminator 2 was destroying all records of box office. Steve was shocked to see this, Arnold did what he told. He realized how powerful Arnold’s mind was when he was being interviewed by Steve.

Just like Arnold was hungry to get into Hollywood, if we also can match that level or urge to succeed nothing can stop us from being successful.

Self-motivation tip #4: Fake it till you make it.

Source: Google Images

While the author was interviewing Arnold before his blockbuster in Hollywood, Arnold was faking that he is already a hero and very successful in his field. This was the thing that the author understood soon after Terminator 2 hit the theaters.

Arnold’s attitude wasn’t rude or harsh by any means. He was faking it just to make his actions and environment more “his-goals” oriented. He rightly faked it to get closer to his goals. There are so many research and discoveries that if we fake or lie to our brain, it actually believes it. At times when you are feeling demotivated, pretend that you are already successful and you have to keep working to maintain the success further.

Talk to yourself saying you can do it and nothing can stop you from finishing it. Visualize like Arnold did and just start working. Pretend that you are already living your dream life and this will keep you motivated throughout your life.

Self-motivation tip #5: Bleed while practicing

Who can forget the legend, Mohammed Ali who was known to knock down his opponent with few right punches. Give him room to hit you right, and he will knock you down in seconds. Best way to survive in front of him was to defend. Do you know the reason behind this? It was his merciless practice before the match.

He was also known for practicing rigorously. He was so particular about his practice that seldom did was he seen off the ring. It is the practice that has made him a worldwide sensation. So make up your mind to create an ambiance that can make you practice more and more before the actual match.


Success is not a destination, it is a journey of continuous steps towards an undefined destination. If you are determined and genuinely passionate about your goals, you will not have a destination on this beautiful journey. As if have a destination you are limiting yourself from achieving something more than what you have imagined. To keep taking step steps in this journey, you cannot afford to run out of motivation. Hence practicing these steps can keep motivated until you give up on creating goals.

Over to you. Which tip did you like the most? Which one are you gonna implement first? Let us know in the comment section below. Do you know someone who will find the post, life-changing? Share this with them and tell them that you believe in them and their dreams. Also share this in your network so that more and more people run towards their goals.

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