I Swiped Right for Everybody on Tinder for 6 Months. Here is What Happened

One night stand is OUT. 6-month stand is IN

In the first day of 2017, I made a resolution: “I will swipe right for everybody on Tinder“. Since that day, I have swiped right about 107,000 times! (Continue reading to find out how I made these calculations)

During this period of time, I had 2,912 matches! It means about 3% of the girls who are on Tinder in this area likely to find me attractive.

934 users unmatched me (32% of matches). I think most of the accounts who unmatched me were fake accounts. I spotted 67 fake accounts but it’s a lot more than that since fake accounts unmatch right after sending a spam message so it’s hard to take a note about them.

I tried to find a pattern about the names that are used by fake accounts but there is no pattern. They use a variety of names such as Angela, Felicia, Gabriela, Kimi, Sophie etc.

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After talking with some of my matches, I scheduled 36 dates. 6 of them were canceled by her and I canceled 1 (19% total cancelation rate).

I went on a date 29 times. 22 of them for a drink at a bar and 7 of them for a coffee at a coffee shop.

Nobody was late in 18 of the dates which means 62% of my dates were on time. My date was late in 8 of them (3 of them significantly). We both were late for the rest (3 of them). It looks like I never kept anybody waiting for me 🙂

Following weeks, I got closer to only a handful of my dates.

After this 6-month experience, what I can say is that “Tinder works” if you are determined enough to spend a good amount of time for swiping and talking on the app and keep putting your best shirt on for dates!

How did I find out these numbers?

I developed a small application that swipes right for everybody and counts the swipes in the background. It also counts unmatches, fake accounts, and dates upon my manual input.

It was fun! I have been wondering about my numbers.

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Written by Jack in the Box

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