Work All Day? Train Your Dog to Have Healthy Toilet Habits

toilet train your dog

Dogs are cute until they, not pee or poop where they shouldn’t. It shouldn’t be a tough job to make your dog habitual to pee at the right place. Training a dog for good toilet habits is utmost important now as almost everyone has a pet, be it a dog, a cat or a leopard so letting them pee in publish will be punishable and embarrassing too.

I remember the time to train my dog for his toilet habits at my grandparent’s house. Happy, had a huge open space to play around and take his biological breaks there. And not a single time he ruined the atmosphere inside our house with his pee or poop.

We all were kids then, my aunt would spend time and train him for almost everything a dog can do. So out of all those, I’d like to share the secret my aunt used to train him to pee or poop at the right place.

5 things to know to train your dog for good toilet habits

  1. Name the permission

    First things first. Pick up a word to invoke the excretory system in your dog. Be it “Go Pee”, “Relax yourself” or even “Hasta la vista”, it doesn’t matter until it gets your jobs done. Repeat it a lot of times initially to train your dog and his/her brain. Once he/her is comfortable with the word, then you can relax from repeating it.

  2. Observe his/her habits

    Notice the pattern of his biological breaks. Keep a close watch on his activities, i.e. what makes him/her pee or poop the most and figure out what makes him not. Most of the time dogs have to pee/poop soon after waking up, playing and drinking. Have a close attention to these details initially.

  3. The favorite spot

    Whenever you feel like he/she needs to relax biologically, take him to his/her favorite spot for doing this. This will need a very good observance. The science behind this is the fact that upon arriving at his/her favorite spot induces the same activity that he/she does there regularly “pee/poop” So the next time when he/she feel the pressure it will pull you to take him/her to that spot, every time.

  4. Treat them for a good job

    Treat him/her with something he/she likes when the job is done as per the Act of Good habits of toilets for dogs laid by you. This will induce them to do this more often and then develop a habit out of it.

  5. Schedule a timing for their breaks

    Design a pattern of this habit by including a “Yes” and “No” for the right place and the wrong. Train your dog to look at you before starting his job and if you say a “Yes” only then it should proceed.

Dogs are beautiful creatures who can do anything for your attention and love. Use this to train them. Make sure to treat them well for the right decision made by them. And I am sure they will not disappoint you.


Written by shubhamdavey

Networm, tyro and photography enthusiast.
I love writing, be it code or just writing.

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