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Six Easy Tips For People Who are Dating Asian Women Right Now

It is the love of love that has kept a 7 billion people alive. A hope of getting love from the people we love (or even we haven’t met yet) has kept us alive. I personally feel that If Love wasn’t an element of human existence earth, surely would have been a miserable place to live in.

Now that we have started talking aboutlove, how do I ignore the fact that Asian women are the most desired among the world? Be it for a casual relationship, a serious one or even beyond- getting married. I have heard a lot of my friends from the west say that they want to come down to Asia to travel and date Asian women. I was astonished to come across this desire (no this isn’t the male ego, it’s curiosity) I searched a bit on it and came across a research led by Facebook that revealed a heart breaking truth.

It revealed that almost all men (except Asians) preferred Asian women, while all women (except black women) preferred white men. I was taken aback from this data and further researched upon why rest of the world loves dating Asian women and then I came across the reason to date them.

Before I reveal the reason, I want to share first date tips for foreigners dating Asian women.

#1 Cook something together

A happy tummy gives a happy life, a happy life is a magnet to happy women. Science says that you become the person you eat with, so this makes a clear thought of cooking and having food together. And moreover, I need not elaborate on the number of times you can be romantic while cooking.

If you are serious about her and planning to marry her, cooking together will give you a wife-preview of whether or not she will be able to cook or not.

#2 Go for a walk, maybe a coffee walk

A breezy evening-less crowd around you both-one hand holding each other’s hand-other hand having a coffee is a perfect combination to get the romantic talks directly touch her heart. Ever wondered why long walks are still preferred by a lot of couples yet? It is this comfort and getting close chances that make it want more.

#3 Play games together

The sense of touch induces a lot of emotions if she’s having feelings for you. What can help you in this more than playing together? You let her win, she smiles stays happy and loves your company. Reason? Because she is constantly made to laugh, smile, feel happy and special. She starts to feel more and more comfortable with you by doing all this. By games I mean not the exotically incredible skills of FIFA to show off her to her, she’ll feel left out and bored.

The main intention of playing with her is to make her feel special by letting her win or doing anything that will make her feel special in your life.

#4 Sip together

Ease up the conversation with a sip or two of alcohol and make her comfortable too. Drinking together helps you build trust bonds with her and then even get close in terms of comfortability. Asian women tend to believe and make bonds at this excited state. But point to be noted is that the limit of sip should be decided prior, failing to this will result in an awkward situation either by her or you and will lead to creating an uneasy space between you and her.

Always keep in mind that alcohol is just to make her comfortable with you, rest all is your own intention and talent.

#5 Surprises

Show me a single woman on this planet who’d say no to surprises. Any race, any country not a single woman is alive who hates surprises. So why ignore this big bonus tip to impress her while you are dating each other?

Plan something with her friends (strictly the best ones) for her birthday and make it obvious that why would you do it. And also plan something only with her, just you both. Surprise her with a special date that she’s not ready for, do something in front the public that would show your interest in her. Surprise candle light dinner cooked by you is still the top-class way to please her.

#6 Commit

Asian women are most preferred for a reason. They expect their prince charm to be with her, no matter what. And if you are looking for settling for her then commit before she starts doubting your loyalty and tests it (they are really strict when it comes to testing loyalty and commitments)

Don’t let them have an upper hand, commit before they start having trust issues you.

A relationship is like a fresh piece of paper, once it’s crushed it’s never gonna be like before. Have these tips handy to ensure a safe relationship with any women (Asian specifically)

Which tip are you going to use/suggest first? Let us know by responding to this post. Share this in your network.

Written by shubhamdavey

Networm, tyro and photography enthusiast.
I love writing, be it code or just writing.

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