What is So Special About Empaths?

Seems like there is a misconception about people who feel that they feel too much. People who feel that extra cut of feeling think that it’s an abnormal thing in them. Feeling the emotion and helping your friend who seeks your help but mostly never turns up when you need them, thinking of street vendor’s lack of opportunity in life to grow and having food from them just to make sure you do your bit to fill their pocket with money, taking a long turn while driving just because those construction guys have just now cleared the road after their work. All these are the signs that you are very close to what I call “Super Human”

Ever wondered how can some people be so careful with their words that they hardly hurt anyone by their words? Why are some people favorite to almost everyone they know? How can some people be the best adviser among your friend’s group? An Empath is so rare that you hardly know the difference between an ordinary human and these extraordinary humans but not that rare that a human with a good presence of mind cannot see the difference.

Having said this it brings me to share with you some insights from an empath’s perspective and why being an empath is a blessing and threat for those who have a bad intention on empaths. Let’s have a look at these super powers. The best way I can explain an empath is the person who knows that’s gonna happen. At one end it feels like it’s a burden of feeling too much and at the other end it feels tricky to deal with an Empath.


What is Empath? What are their special powers?

I totally understand that being sensitive in today’s era is pointless as there are hardly a handful of people who respect you being sensitive and not exploit. But the most basic characteristic of an Empath is that they are super sensitive. Being an empath is more than just being sensitive so let’s see what makes them super human. This info is not highlighting the sensitiveness of this topic but this is to make the empath feel that you guys are super special. And if these traits are matching to your behaviors then congratulations my friend, you are gifted !!

#1 Empaths are lie detector

You try to cheat them and their instincts will alert them saying that you are cheating on them and they will thrash in you in no time. They somehow come to know that you are cheating on them for any reason. So if you are a kind of person who cannot take loyalty seriously then stay away from empaths.

#2 Empaths feel other’s pain as their own

This is the best part of being an empath. Empath feels other’s pain and emotions as it’s their own and help them come out of it as is they themselves are stuck in it. They definitely don’t care if they will get the help back from those people or not but they will not hesitate in helping them. This sometimes turns out to be a reason of feeling hurt as most people use this for their own good, and when an empath comes to know of this they show no sign of hurt, hold a smile and what ahead. It might look simple for other but it’s so beautiful in so many ways, and this no one can understand other than an empath.

#3 Taking a fiction too seriously

How many times did you get upset upon seeing Jack die and rose living decades after his death? Only when watching the climax of the movie right? But the superhumans go way beyond just feeling bad for this climax, they literally get into that scene and feel the pain that the characters are emoting on screen. The reason behind this is that they relate themselves to whatever they come across, be it a movie, novel or happening.

#4 Inheriting physical symptoms of others

You are sick and your friend has the same sickness till you get fine, ever wondered why? One big reason is that they are close to you and seeing you in pain brings them pain too. They might not show the pain they are undergoing but they will definitely take care of you till you are well.

#5 The underdogs are taken care most

Those who are bullied and mocked by other are the ones these super humans are in favor of. They have a mindset of not letting the underdogs alone and hence being a support for them in tough times. They have the upbringing this way and hence they stay a backbone just to make sure they do their bit to keep the underdogs encouraged.

#6 They will apologize first

What I have observed being in touch with empaths is that no matter how intense the argument turns they will be the first one to apologize. Reason ? They value the relationship over their ego and this is what makes them apologize even though they are not at fault. So next time you encounter such situation, never let them go from your life.

To conclude I would more than love to say that I myself am an Empath and this post was out of self-introspection and research. There were so many sensitive touches that I couldn’t mention it here and I am sure this would be the same case with you also. Many a time we fail to notice such amazing people around us just because they are too sensitive to mingle, but let us now make a pact that whenever we come across any of the mentioned traits here in a person we know or don’t we will make sure to take care of them by any way possible.

What are the other traits you think makes you an empath? Mention those below and let us know you too are superhuman. Share this content to all those who you think are superhumans.

Talk soon,

Written by shubhamdavey

Networm, tyro and photography enthusiast.
I love writing, be it code or just writing.

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