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Are You Tired of Your 9 to 5 Work Schedule? Here is Your Dream Job That will Never Bore You

careers tnat pay more than regular 9-5 jobs

How many times have you thought that you should have opted for a more creative job, because what you’re doing now is not what you are born to do, your potential is much beyond. Whenever you login to your PC in your office does it feel like you should be doing something more challenging other than just typing your password hundred time a day? Because no matter, what a lion can never eat grass just to be strong enough to hunt a prey.

It’s really common these days that people have a professional self and a passionate self. But what if you come to know that working & being a passionate self is actually possible.

Disclaimer: We have no intentions of disrespecting the regular 9-5 jobs, it’s equally challenging but only for people who are aspirant for that job. Not for people who are helplessly working to earn a living.

Here we’ll walk you through professions that are paying much better than regular 9-5 jobs.Let’s get started.

1. Photography and Cinematography

Yep, this career has to top the list (my personal favorite). They say photographers can stop time and that is why serious photographers are so sharp in timing, even at regular 9-5 jobs. In one of our post we saw the sensations of travel (who mostly are photographers) on Instagram. The reason I mentioned those sensational photographers is that they get sponsorship because of their huge following (which in turn is because of their exceptional photography skills) and there are really high chances that you’re skills can either get you super amazing recognition with big names in the industry or if you prefer being soloprenuer you can get endless opportunities with different clients.

2. Song writing

All you guitarist, drummers, DJs and everything that comes under music. You guys have the power to hold the audience with you and their breaths on the edge of their seats. You will be having a super amazing life if you follow your passion to music. In this super stressful generation, it’s only the music that can sooth the wounded. And with events like tomorrowland alive, it’s big time bait for you musicians to work harder and make it large in this field. You guys have potential to make it big, Martin Garix is just 20 now and he is worth $14 million USD.

3. Writing, Blogging, Journalism

You are seeing so many websites and so much of content on the web covering almost anything and everything under the universe, sometimes creating new content for the very first time too. There must be a scope of growth that can make a full-fledged career that will bring you enough income to plan you next vacation at your dream destination. And yep, writing has no end. You can win that oscar too. And then there’s a unique combination of photographers who are good writing too and they can write on the stopped time, and I love this combination. Scope of their growth is exponential when they give time, some time.

4. Choreography

Imagine the fame a choreographer gets after such hit album release. The choreographer has made over a billion people to groove on this step. So what if i tell you that you can find yourself at this place too ? You just need to find what’s best you can do and how is that best different from best provided by others. And I’ve never seen a sad face while dancing, you choreographers are that awesome. Don’t loosen up on your passion for dancing, if not millions you can make billions of people to dance on your steps. They say dance is a feeling and not just few muscles moving at a higher rate than usual.

5. YouTuber

Did you know, YouTube is second most powerful search engine. Second to google search engine is one big reason to make a career in that. No matter what you have to serve, if you can mimic, make fun, make people laugh, share something that people have never heard of, or any creative thing that can be shot and magically served to people. One hit video can bring you that verified account badge and once you have that you are a celebrity. One good news, among all the social networking platforms YouTube has the least competition rate. So if you have anything in mind, pull up your socks and nail it.

And best part is, careers mentioned here are interlinked. A amazing piece of story filmed with a exceptional music composition for that hit song which will become a trending web series on YouTube. It’s “Together, we win”

Not everyone is lucky enough to feed their passion with a professional life. Very few make it across the line and rest either wait for the right or get used to what they do helplessly. The time is changing and not far are the days when working for someone else would sound so orthodox. Follow you passion and create that space where you can look straight into your own eyes and say to yourself “I’m kinda big deal” and create that legacy for the generations to come.

Should you have anything to say on this, share it in the comment section below. We’re all ears and eager to get feedback. Share this with your friends and inspire them to follow their passion too.

Written by shubhamdavey

Networm, tyro and photography enthusiast.
I love writing, be it code or just writing.

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