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His Photoshop Edits are EPIC (It will Make Your Day!)

Check out these hilarious edits. Number #4 will make you go ROFL

When talent meets humor there are high chances that you go viral. When was the last time that you tried to beautify your picture on your own and failed ? And failing doesn’t stop you, you are a fighter. You approached one of your friend (who’s good at editing) and got it done.

Here’s a guy, James Fridman with a killing photoshop skills and amazing sense of humor, spreading his skills all over the Instagram. And mind you, his editing is so damn realistic. There’s a thin line between being humorous and being disgustingly jerk, and this guy is left side of the line. He knows that there’s nothing “SO” sacrosanct in 21st century and everything can be mocked within limits.

This guy is open for requests of editing pictures as per your needs (and yes he does not charge for this humorous help but you should be willing to see your edited photo on his public profile) just DM the picture you want to edit and describe how you want it to be edited, rest is your picture and his humorous photoshop skills that will do the magic. But before you could get your pictures beautified let’s see what he has done so far on Instagram.

He has over 770k followers on Instagram and each one he has totally earned it, totally deserves each and every one in the list. Users send pictures to his twitter handle and here’s a glimpse of his twitter profile, have a look and enjoy.

And let’s begin his creative efforts.


1. Camouflage, is new sexy

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

2. Share this once you notice it

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

3. It is selfie time

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

4. Because superman is so main stream, it’s super women

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

5. I would like to tell you that “I am the Iron Man”

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

6. The Martian dreamer

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

7. eso es increíble

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

8. Drink her blood and you’ll go immortal, because she’s a unicorn

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

9. Because clean shave is such a child’s play

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

10. We all hate responsibilities and we know it, but this guy applied it

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on

11. The extra layer of protection to your abs

A post shared by James Fridman (@fjamie013) on


I am sure you giggled all this while, share this and let others giggle too. This guy is sheer talented and definitely deserves recognition. And why not give a shot by sharing a pic of yours to him for editing. Let us know how you got entertained by this guy in the comment section below.

Written by shubhamdavey

Networm, tyro and photography enthusiast.
I love writing, be it code or just writing.

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