Facebook Statuses of The 12 Zodiac Signs

Every person in this world has been born under a zodiac sign that defines that person’s life, behavior, preferences and emotions. So why wouldn’t the zodiac signs influence our Facebook posts/statuses, too?

Read this and find out which are the specific Facebook posts and statuses of every Zodiac sign. Maybe after reading this article, you will be able to guess what sign a person is only by reading his/her Facebook Status. Sounds like a good challenge? Let’s go on!


“Today, I am so optimistic and eager to obtain everything that I want!”

This sign’s posts will always be focused on what, how, where or with whom they are. “To be” is the specific word for this zodiac sign, and it will appear in the most of the posts of an Aries!


“Even though I have so much work to do, I have a loving family and a strong motivation to keep going on!”

Possessive and eager to obtain as much material as possible in this life, Taurus will always post about what they have or what they would like to have. A motivating status about having or dreaming of something can often be found in Taurus’ posts.


“I don’t think I’m going to work hard today. This morning is perfect for a coffee and for making plans of my next vacation…”

This sign has a great spirit of adventure and will always enjoy thinking of entertainment. With an optimistic and full of energy personality, thinking and analyzing are the main skills of the Gemini signs, and they won’t hesitate to share this with the world on Facebook!


“I feel like no one understands me anymore…Don’t you sometimes feel like you would be so much better on a planet where unconditional love really exists?”

With a hypersensitive mentality and a great receptivity of feelings and emotions, these signs will always post about their or others’ feelings. A sad or melancholic post such as the one above is likely to be found on a Cancer’s page!


“I want that girl. And I won’t stop fighting until she is mine!”

Great lovers and motivated, strong, stubborn zodiac signs, Leos will always post about what they want and will continue doing that until they obtain what they need.


“On which path should you go, when none seems good and yet none is that bad?”

Analyzing and thinking of philosophical questions are Virgo’s forte points. A question-status on their Facebook page about world or life can easily be found – and they will be very interested in other’s answers!


“Heart or Mind? What should I choose…?”

Dramatic questions oscillating between different extremes will always be Libras’ dilemmas. It will always be difficult to make choices for these zodiac signs, and a significant photo along with a status like the one above will be easily found on a Libra’s Facebook page.


“Sincerity is the key to every successful relationship. I wish people were sincere…”

Sincerity is the most important quality for Scorpios. This, along with their strong will, defines their personality. This is why their Facebook statuses will always represent a smart combination between the need for truth and their wishes.


“Don’t tell me I am strange. Just try to understand me…and you will!”

Fascinated about everything and everyone, Sagittarius are deep Zodiac signs, who have a great compassion for others and a huge ability of understanding people – and they will also need to be understood. And their Facebook statuses will proof this in no time!


“When things become useless…get rid of them! No need for trash in a busy life.”

Capricorns are very organized and practical. This is why “to use” is the verb of their personality. In their Facebook statuses, they will often mention what things are or would be useful for them – and which wouldn’t!


“I would like to know what the human’s purpose on Earth is…”

Curious and thirsty for knowledge, Aquarius-es usually make posts about what they know, what they would like to know or interesting things that they found out. So if you want to read a daily Facebook status with new, accurate information, you can always count on an Aquarius!


“Believe – and you will achieve!”

The spiritual life is very important for Pisces. This is why their Facebook status will usually contain their beliefs. Religion, feelings or emotions, Pisces will always share their opinions with their friends on Facebook!

What do you think? Is it real? Does the post for your Zodiac Sign’s post suit your own? Or maybe it suits your friends’ statuses? Share your opinion with us!

Today’s challenge: Find out, according to this post, whose zodiac sign’s status was once the following: “My brain is the most beautiful part of my body”? Would you like a small hint? Well, a famous star said this..

Did you guess? Congratz! It is an Aquarius, the thirsty-for-knowledge zodiac sign: Shakira made up this status and is very proud of it! It looks like this article is suitable to her – is it for you too?

Written by Marius

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