5 Things an Entrepreneur should Always Say

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So you are an entrepreneur is it ? People around you are totally inspired by you. They see you as their Person-to-go for any of their professional needs and career advises. But there’s a thin line between an entrepreneur and positive person and there are few things that determine that your are an entrepreneur and not just a positive person.

Businessmen/businesswomen are different from entrepreneurs. Unlike business, entrepreneurs don’t have genders all they have is “ideas” and ideas do not have gender all they have is will power to do. Will power to make it happen. Lets have a look what is it that makes your identity of an entrepreneur.

I can do it

One thing almost every person on earth loved to hear is “yes” be it client asking to get the job done before the weekend or the customer who is looking for a really old songs collection in a music store. People love hearing yes and how about telling it to yourself ? Can you Imagine the power of saying a yes to yourself when your stuck in something with a dilemma of a “can I do it” & “I can do it” just say yes to yourself and start figuring out what’s wrong and fix it. The moment you figure out what’s wrong you definitely are ready to go ahead and conquer your weakness. And once you start saying yes to yourself when against an obstacle, you start growing.

You can do it

What’s more blissful than a motivation from a already successful person. Even you got a push from someone, if not then be that someone to someone. It takes a heroic heart to push someone to succeed. If you have the talent of helping someone feel motivated then you are very close to success too. Because what you have been through in the course of succeeding is a priceless experience and the things you have got from those experience is nothing but a elixir to their struggles.

We can do it

Ever happened that you we placed in a situation where you have to blow up upon a situation and bring your team mates out of it, forget everything and just say “we can do it” and as it goes for personal level in a team too taking safe decisions means no growth. It’s not the number of zeroes you’ve added to your bank balance but it’s the number of heroes you have made by your knowledge that makes you a true leader.

It’s good


Seeing goodness in everything done by people is another indirect way of telling people that you trust them. And there is a talent of telling how short their effort is of perfection, not hurting their will of trying and boosting them to fix what’s wrong. And moreover wouldn’t we love getting guidance after acceptance? That same applies with rest of the folks too, and doing this determines the leadership quality in you. If you are already doing it to people, congratulations you are doing great.

The time is now

It always becomes difficult to judge the timing of your next attempt. We never succeed in a first attempt, if we do it’s either a fluke or a not-so-long-lasting success. There’s a thing which entrepreneurs are very much particular about “Instincts” and those who follow their instincts are the ones who are bravest. Because following instincts is really risky when it comes to choosing your career or establishing a business. So those who have guts to follow their instincts are who actually know the value of success (it ain’t cheap in any way). And above this, one should not simply take risks and follow instincts. One has to be very calculative and trust their talent before taking any risk. If I’m a bad surfer, and I take a risk of surfing in the Hawaiian waves for the first time what do you think I’d face ? Either death or teachings (if alive) so it becomes really important to be calculative while you are risking anything.

And the end all I can say is the era is becoming an era of innovations, no doubt the competition is really tight but no matter what You have to succeed !! Above all odds you are born to win and whatsoever don’t stop at obstacles, tackle and grow through them.

Share this to your group and let them feel the pressure to win.


Written by shubhamdavey

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