7 Most Awkward Pets People Own Today

While you could be used to having a cat, a dog, fish or a bunny, a snake, a turtle or a parrot as your favorite pet to play with, did you think that there are other animals that could also live with you in the same house as your pets, and who will need just as much attention, love and care as the others?

Check this out! Below there are 5 animals that you can play with, you can sleep with and you can eat with, that will surely amaze you!

7. Hen Pet

While having hens at your yard and eating their eggs is normal, what do you say about having a hen in your apartment, to spend time and sleep with? Maybe you will even play a football match, why not…?

6. Monkey Pet

Exotic animals can also be pets, we already know about snakes and parrots pets. But did you ever think of having a little monkey as your pet? That would not only be funny and cute, but also interesting! You will have a good friend to share your fried potatoes and watermelon with…just like the two friends in the video below!

5. Elephant Pet

Such a big animal is also a possible pet today. The video below will show you how you can live with your elephant. Interesting, isn’t it? The good part is you will never need a dog to be protected. This huge friend will always be there for you!

4. Reindeer Pet

Why to own a dog, when you can have a reindeer who thinks he is a dog? You will walk him outside, watch TV with him and share your meals…Adorable or awkward? What do YOU think?

3. Giant Snail Pet

So you thought you can find snails only after rain? Well, not anymore! Now you can keep them as your pets, and you can caress their sticky skin…Do you find that adorable or yucky?

2. Sloth Pet

Cuddly and friendly, a sloth pet will be great for you if you are one of the persons who like moving incredibly slowly. While a dog might urge you to gain speed over time and lose your energy by walking him and playing with him, a sloth will be perfect to stay in bed with and to do things at a really slooooow pace…

1. Fox Pet

Did you think that owning a tiger or a lion in India is crazy? Well, another wild animal has been turned into a pet: the fox! Yes, today you can own a fox as your pet and even train it to stand, sit or shake paws just like a puppy.

Did you think that having an iguana, a spider or a lamb as a pet was dangerous or creepy? Well, what do you think now? Tell us which animal you think is the most awkward from the list above!

Written by Marius

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