Watch These Movies If You Want to Ruin Your Time!


Let’s talk a little about the cinematography of 2016. We entered 2017 with a great enthusiasm for different movies which are going to be released this year, but let’s take a look back on the last years’ biggest expectations and see what IMDB and people say about it.

Ready? Let’s start…

6. Bad Moms 2016

With a 6.2 rating on IMDB, this movie has Mila Kunis playing the main role. Well… that is the only good thing here. The idea and the plot of the movie are way too creepy and annoying, while the whole film is really long and too boring. You’ll keep wondering when it will be over so that you can go and do something really interesting.

5. Dirty Grandpa 2016

So we have this super-good boy Jason and this super-horny grandpa Dick. While some of the scenes can really be funny, the action and events are too exaggerated. Too many dirty jokes and stupid, nonsense moments become annoying and bring a 6 rate on IMDB to this movie that was supposed to break the box offices. We had greater expectations from Zac Efron, didn’t you? We hope he won’t continue disappointing us, especially that it is his second 6 rated movie, along with Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Yet, the last one was a little better and brings a better hope for his next appearances.

4. Allegiant 2016

To resume, Allegiant is the worse of the Divergent Series. Suspense? Nope. Anticipation? Missing. Unpredictable? Well, it is actually very predictable and the 120 mins of the movie become a boring loss of time that brings no other reaction than “When is this going to be over?”. You got it? No? Let me explain better: Divergent, Insurgent … Interesting Investment.  Allegiant?  Like “Washing Detergent”, as one of the IMDB reviewers called it. This film will be a great choice to watch with your husband if you really want to piss him of. IMDB rates it with 5.7.

3. Bad Santa 2016

Watching this movie at home is a great mistake, you will lose time, patience and you will get really angry. Watching it at the cinema and paying for a ticket to see this is even a greater mistake. Long and annoying are the best words to describe this. Comedy is not funny, there is no laughing at this movie. You can’t even say that jokes are dirty. They are simply disgusting and this brings it a 5.5 rating on IMDB. One more advice: if you still want to watch this, don’t do the mistake to go with your parents, unless you want to see nudity and embarrassing sexual intercourse together.

2. Befikre 2016

So much advertising, so many expectations for this movie, and when you get to see it…big, really big disappointment. With a realistic rating of 3.5 on IMDB, this movie has little from the beautiful Indian culture you want to see. While the mix of French and Indian cultures sounds interesting, the “modern open-minded current” the movie wants to bring is more annoying than fun. Don’t watch it unless you want to lose your trust in Indian productions and 150 precious minutes of your life!

1. Fifty Shades of Black 2016

Not even the title is original. So what can we expect from the movie plot? Well, not too much, after the 3.4 rating IMDB gives it. I guess the producers just thought “So… we have a messed up title…now let’s write a messed up plot and choose some bad actors to play our boring, unoriginal and annoying action.” This is one of the worst choices when you want to see a nice movie at night with your girlfriend. Don’t pick this up unless you want her fall asleep next to you or, worse, leave you alone on the couch.

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