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You haven’t Noticed These Hidden Messages in the Songs You Listened to Thousand Times!

Did you ever think that your favorite artists and some of their most popular songs that you have repeatedly listened to, are actually more than enchanting your ears? Read this and find out which are the most obvious subliminal messages from the most popular songs-videos of 2016. Ever said you love these songs? Think again!

5. Sia – Cheap Thrills

Seems like the song has been in every radios’ Top 1 playlists the entire last summer, wasn’t it? While the song is really catchy and musical, we can’t ignore the whole 666 dance its video presents. Haven’t you seen? The dancers keep putting their fingers in the shape of 6, bringing the ,,o” in front of their eyes, reminding of the Illuminati-Eye and of the Number of The Beast. Do you think it is a coincidence? It might be, yet let’s see what other top songs will show us, and then make a decision!

4. Shakira – Chantaje

An apparently normal song and colorful, energy-full video, will easily trick you into being blind in front of the subliminal messages it spreads. Take a better look at the walls in the bathroom, and at what is written on them. Also, see Shakira’s symbolic signs with her fingers in the shape of 6, her dance moves with the T-shirt that create all sort of controversial shapes and all the other Masonic symbols that stand in the back of the dancers, not attracting your attention, yet inducing subliminal messages into your mind. Isn’t it awkward?

3. The Weekend – Starboy

Another song with a video full of symbols and very meaningful lyrics, Starboy, from The Weekend, illustrates several images of black cats, crosses, pyramids and triangles, duality, Satanic stars or pictures in the back of the artist presenting words like “MADNESS” or apocalyptic images. Also, the lyrics of this song present the process of human sacrifice and the pray for “cars” and not for God or love, that takes in order to achieve popularity and money.

2. Rihanna – Work

Regardless of the obvious promotion of vulgarity in the video, Rihanna’s song keeps repeating to your mind, even from the title, to “work”. So from the beginning until the last words of the song, you are being told to work, using different subliminal shapes and gestures, as well as brain-washing words and phrases in order to make you stop thinking and mechanically work as you are told. Also, if you will listen to reversed variants of the song, you will hear several messages that will chill your bones!

This is one of the reversed variants of Work by Rihanna. Watch it and you will be convinced!

1. Ariana Grande – Side to Side

Maybe the most powerful song in terms of subliminal messages of 2016, Ariana Grande’s both video and song lyrics are offering us accurate proof of the musical industry trying to control our minds. Without actually noticing, you will listen to a repeated ,,We don’t gotta think ’bout nothing”, ,,talking way too much” phrases that will unconsciously control your brain like a voice telling you to stop thinking or expressing your opinion, and do what you’re told, which will make you very easy to be manipulated. Also, the several pyramid shapes (the arms positions, the pyramid formation shape at the gym etc.) and symbolic representations of sexual and satanic themes will take control over your mind and thoughts without you even realizing what’s going on!


So what’s going on with all these subliminal messages and statements in every popular song from TV, radio and Internet? Is there a real danger of us being brainwashed through music, or is it just pure coincidence? What do you think? Let us know your opinion!

Also, keep your ears and eyes open, and watch out with attention for every new song that appears. Can you find any symbols or hidden messages all by yourself?

Written by Marius

Passionate writer. Enjoys sharing his experiences, opinions and knowledge with others. Writing for more than 3 years and highly enthusiastic to continue putting his interest and love into writing the most touching, funny, expressive and interesting content for every reader.

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