Your Trip doesn’t have to Be That Boring (Number #2 will Amaze You)

When it comes to photos, Instagram leads the race. And when it comes to traveling there’s no more blissful place than Instagram. For those who have nerves of steel and can never resist them from going to new places have an Easter egg here. Similar to you there are people who get out of their house be a nomad, capture the moments, get must-know information of that place and serve on Instagram are nothing but a blessing for travelers. They have been to places, enough places that they can survive almost anywhere. Let’s see who are those super humans. Let’s travel the feeds of Instagram to see what’s best there to be motivated to just leave and travel.

Bonus: You’ll get to see some amazing photographs which definitely will convince you to opt travel over just breathing around in city life.

1. Expert Vagabond

This guy is totally justifying the name. He’s literally an expert in traveling. Probably one of the best planner for traveling on Instagram. He’s known for extensive planning before any travel. He’ll definitely have everything ready before he begins his voyage. One of his travel was in Afghanistan and he planned for a year before he actually begun the journey. He shares the experiences, tips & tricks for the journey and risks too. Hence he becomes the must follow travel geek on Instagram.

Sunlight bursts through the trees at Venford Falls in #Dartmoor National Park. •• Exploring the region with a @vauxhall #MokkaX.

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2. Murad Osman

Conceptual and elegant. Theme of the image is same every time but the places ain’t. And the location he chooses to be photographed is totally amazing. One photo from one location is enough to pack you bags and leave to that place. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting for “next” from him, he leaves such mark on his followers.

3. Surfline

Suit up !! It’s surfing time. For those who love coastal areas of any country on this planet just because it nourishes their love of surfing, it’s your bite now. This account showcases the best beaches and is one of the best place to look out for surfers and their adventure. I’m sure looking the posts of this account it’s definitely gonna push you to head beach and surf. Of course at a new place.

@taylorclark_ , up, up and away on a crisp midwinter day in California. Photo: @billywatts

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Wonderful places

Beauty of earth beautifully plotted under one account. Each post from this account would definitely boost your wanderlust. Never mind your age, you surely gonna go wooaah!! seeing the pictures and description of it. Epitome of what we call traveling. Though this account collectively showcases the pictures, it doesn’t matter until it stops feeding our wanderlust.

Milky way in Australia ✨???✨ Picture by ✨✨@paulmp✨✨ . #wonderful_places for a feature ?

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4. Morgan Stone Grether

Day since I am on Instagram, I personally follow this nomad. I was awestruck seeing his portfolio on Instagram. He is a photo geek feeding his wanderlust along with photographing his perspective on a DSLR. His travel deal with his photolust but let’s be smart and soak what he serves- Traveling. This makes him must follow person on Instagram to stay motivated on traveling ground. And my personal favorite in the list so I insist to follow.

5. Travel Leisure

Another container of amazing travel photographers. These people contributing to this account are traveler’s geeks themselves. Places, description, facts and must see locations is what they serve. Respecting the platform culture, these posts depict pure photographic expertise. And for travelers fond of photography or photographers fond of traveling this is probably one of the best account to follow.

Today is the perfect day for a mental vacation (this should help). ? #TLPicks courtesy of @tomaszwagnerco

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6. King Roberto

Breath taking photos from him are one big reason why traveling is much needed necessity in our daily lives. Posts from him teaches that life is too short to live in one place forever. Go out and travel to your dreams, wait wait !! Make sure you follow him. He is very choosy when it comes to traveling. And trust me he chooses the best places to visit.

7. Travis burke

A photographer with never ending wanderlust. He’s been traveling for more than 2 years now and this is nothing less than being super human in it’s own terms. Perfect location to be at and layering it with amazingly skilled photographs making it even more elegant. And visit that place to feel the magic felt in this guy’s post. He shares his experience of being in that place. Things he shares from his posts is photographic concepts, places to visit, and do’s & dont’s of traveling to places he visited.

8. Traveler’s Child

This time it’s a couple showing up in the list. Love is in the air to followers of this account. Travel to love and love to travel is what they do on Instagram. They share updates of the experience they get while traveling. Directions, tips, and seems like they are road-trip lovers too. Trust me, the love they share is seen in their shares of places they visit.

The good news is that we visited quite a number of #awesome places after we got back to #Belgium several weeks ago. Seven, to be precise. ?? The bad news is that during our last day trip nearly a week ago, we both caught a cold, and the thing that we're exploring now is the variety of hot teas and soups. ?✌?Anyway, it doesn't stop us from dreaming about what we would like to visit next. Now on the top of the list we have the city of Lille in France and a charming town of Giethoorn in Netherlands. ?But we want to dream more, so we would be really happy if you guys could share some of your best experience around Belgium and its neighbouring countries. What are the places that we need to visit in the near future? ☺? And in the meantime we're sharing one more moment from the best discovery that we have made in Belgium so far – the astonishing city of #Gent. ❤️ #TravelersChild #LoveTheWorld #IAmATraveler #BeautifulDestinations #GetOlympus #TravelBelgium #VisitFlanders #VisitGent #VSCO #BestCityBreaks #CBViews

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9. Traveler Posts

Who wouldn’t love dinning here? I would love to and I’m glad I came across this account that gave me a gist of what traveling under water is. Spooky right ? Trust me this was love at first sight account to me because the collection of destinations they have is totally brilliant. They surely have appended a few more destination in my travel goals. Check yours too, I’m sure your travel goals will be updated too.

Would you sleep here?? Follow us if this post is on your explore page! ✈️ Tag 3 Friends below! ?

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So to sum up this compilation all I can say is pack your bags and leave to your travel destinations and check those places in the travel goals list. Travel and make memories but before you run out of battery while hiking those alluring mountains do share this article with in and out of your circle.

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