These Animal Reactions will Surprise You!

Did you ever think about how your face looks like when you have certain reactions? Well, look in the mirror! Which animal is the most suitable for you?

1. When Your Mother Forces You to Smile for the Photo

“Yeah, yeah, one more…Oh, come on, please, my cheeks hurt…!”

2. After Seeing the Scariest Horror Movie of Your Life

“I’m not getting out of this blanket! NO! Oh yes and please, mom, let the light and the window closed before you go.”

3. Men When They See A Girl in Bikini Are Like…

“I…have…lost my…tongue..I mean words…I mean … Oh, where is she going?? No, no, wait!!”

4. After the Bachelor Party at the Beach

“What just happened here, and why can’t I get up? Please, someone help me, I can’t feel the ground under my feet…”

5. Monday Morning At Work…

“Please boss, only 5 minutes more…Last night I drank all thattt…. ehmm (yawn) ehmm I mean… all that information for today’s presentation!”

Written by Marius

Passionate writer. Enjoys sharing his experiences, opinions and knowledge with others. Writing for more than 3 years and highly enthusiastic to continue putting his interest and love into writing the most touching, funny, expressive and interesting content for every reader.

"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words." - William H. Gass

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