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4 Types of Women Always Annoying Men

1. Grumpy Type

When you stay in bed and turn your back to your husband at the beginning of the evening? Yeah…Always saying no, always being grumpy will not help a men love you more. It is not really adorable to see you upset if you always get angry.

2. Donkey – Moaning Type

Now, of course it is normal and it might also be spicy and hot for your boyfriend to hear you moan when you make love, but when you start screaming, shouting and trying to break the glass with your sharp voice like a crazy donkey, it isn’t cute anymore, it is horrible! Don’t do that unless you want to scare the hell out of him!

3. Owl – Eyes Type

While it might be romantic to share things with your boyfriend, when your eyes never stop following and spying on him, and when you start going over his intimacy, it gets really annoying and he won’t even stand you around him. Super-jealous and curious women are not quite the best thing in a man’s life. Remember, if his phone calls and he speaks nicely to a woman, it doesn’t mean he is cheating you, it might be his mother or sister! Don’t get impatient!

4. Family – Obsessed Type

Okey, you have a boyfriend, you two get along really well, always happy and entertained. People tell you that you are the perfect couple and you can’t wait to see yourself in the mirror, wearing the bride dress you have always dreamed of. Great! But when you become obsessed with getting married like Cinderella and having 4-5 kids, and when you start pressing your boyfriend to ask you to marry him, you will lose all the romance and fun! Don’t overwhelm his mind with your princess-dreams of having babies and getting old with tens of grandkids, unless you want to scare him out of what is expecting him!


Now…Which type of woman do you think you are? Is one of your friends or relatives like this? Show her this post and warn her! Are you a man and is your girlfriend part of the types above? Make this article get to her and she will become more self-aware!

What about YOU? Which type of woman mostly annoys you?

Written by Marius

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