5 Things to Do When You Want to Be the Most Annoying Husband (Divorcement GUARANTEED!)

1. NEVER help her in the kitchen or with the housework

Now we all know how busy women always are, and how happy they are when they get some help from their loving husbands… Well, when you see she is so busy she gets to the point o shouting and being angry… Let yourself relax in the armchair and watch her doing all the work, maybe drinking a glass of wine and telling her she has missed a spot from the window when she cleaned it. Comment and criticize her work, be rude, be annoying!

2. Neglect your Kid

This can be the most annoying thing for a mother and wife: neglecting your children when she tells you to look after them for 5 minutes. Let the dog bark and make the baby cry, let your toddler paint the walls and pretend you didn’t see what your juniors were doing while you watched TV.

3. Come Home Drunk

Come home with the smell of alcohol deep in yourself, with your eyes red, barely walking and trying not to balance when showing here the empty pocket, with lack of money that you spent for obtaining the performance of coming home so drunk. And yes, make sure to tell her to clean the big spot of vodka from the left part of your shirt, before falling asleep on the couch with your shoes on.

4. Mess Up Things

While your wife keeps trying so hard to maintain a clean room for the two of you and to keep the house tidy, if you want to annoy her just go and mess up everything. Put the dirty plates on the desk, near your sweaty T-shirt and between the bottle of juice and her favorite magazines. On top of these, but a half-eaten cupcake with a big smile in the middle of it!

5. Act Like You’re Having an Affair

What can be more annoying for a wife and more entertaining for you, than making her jealous? Watch hot pics on your phone, like and subscribe to young girls’ channels, put woman perfume and lipstick on your ravished shirt before you come home and, of course, act like everything you do is normal and she is being a paranoiac!


Ok, so you got my point…When she has done something wrong and you want to take the perfect revenge by being annoying, apply one or more of the ideas above – you will get the results instantly!

Now, what do YOU do, when you want to annoy your wife? Tell us your ideas!

Written by Marius

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