5 Most Shocking Moments on Game of Thrones

We all are dearly thankful to George R.R Martin for blessing us with the epic package of love, hate, betrayal, murder and war- Game of Thrones. And while we’re at it, we all know by this time we can expect anything from this season, unexpected deaths, betrayal and literally everything else- we are the most traumatized fandom on earth. Let’s see what were the five most shocking moments on Game of Thrones.

1. Jon Snow

Season 5 ended on this crazy scene of Jon Snow being murdered by men of the Nights Watch, and I felt like breaking my laptop screen and jumping off a cliff. Be that as it may, few anticipated that he would be baited out into the snow and wounded to death by his sworn brothers. Perhaps you expected it from Thorne and his comrades, however Ollie? What’s more, the way this was the last show of season 5, abandoning us to consider his death and crying every day.

2. The rains of Castamere

This was by far the most heart wrenching episode, firstly when Bran is hidden in the tower and Jon is fighting just outside. I was so praying for them both to reunite, just a hug but no that didn’t happen. Next, at the Red Wedding, Robb Stark is killed with crossbows and Catelyn Stark’s throat is slit, leaving the Stark legacy just to Arya, Bran and Rickon. By this time we knew how much of retards were the Lannisters and the Freys.

3. A prince of Winterfell

Oh who knew he would turn out to be a pain in the ass? When Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell and kills Sir Roderick, making the Starks forcefully leave into a world full of terror. Oh no words can describe our hate for Theon the Traitor- until some time.

4. The torture of Ramsay Bolton

This is the part where my heart bleeds for Theon! When Ramsay took away Theon’s ‘favorite toy’ and ate a jumbo sausage in front of him just to taunt him, gosh admit it we all felt his pain.

5. Jon and Ygritte’s tragic reunion

On the episode ‘Watchers of the Wall’ we somewhat knew that Ygritte and his know-nothing-love Jon Snow will somehow be united, but Ygritte’s death in Jon’s arms was a big shocker to all of us.

Written by Sophie

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