How to be The Most Annoying Person in Meetings? (9 Easy Ways)

Meetings are all about having respect and being on point. Avoid these 9 behaviors to get the most out of your meetings while not distracting your colleagues.

1. Always come late

Everyone’s time is precious. Always being late to meetings is a perfect way to disrespect those who are punctual. If a meeting is scheduled at 11, it means it will start at 11. It’s not the time to leave your office.

It is acceptable if you are sometimes 5-10 minutes late. Make sure you say “sorry” if you enter the room after the meeting has started.

2. Sit like it’s your home

Sitting straight with a good posture is a sign of your respect for others. Keeping your legs above the meeting table and showing your whole body is unprofessional and it may cause people to question your attention and attitude.

3. Check Facebook, play games

Everyone has a smartphone and has things to check. It’s understandable to have a quick look at your phone to see if there is any urgent text/email. However, there is something wrong with your motivation if you continuously use it during the meeting.

I even see people playing games. There should be no need to emphasize why playing games is not acceptable in meetings.

4. Don’t bring a notepad or agenda

You may think that you can keep all action items in your mind. You can’t. I guarantee that there will be plenty of tasks you will forget if you don’t write them down. I see real examples every day.

Even though you don’t think you will note anything down, it would be helpful to bring something to take notes on just in case. It’s also helpful to bring print-outs related to the topic. It stops you from having to use other people’s documents and helps you to stay on point.

5. Enjoy your lunch in the meeting room

There is nothing more annoying than seeing somebody biting his/her sandwich while everybody else is having a serious discussion about a topic. The smell of your food, the noises come from your mouth… Please! Show some respect!

You may be running between meetings and you may think that you are too busy to have a lunch break. My dear friend, it’s not your colleagues’ problem. It’s your problem with your time management.

If there is literally no gap between meetings, I have a perfect solution for you: Start your lunch at your desk. Most to-go lunch boxes can be finished in 10 minutes. If you can’t finish, eat as much as you can and then go to meeting. This way, you will have enough food in your stomach to survive through the meeting and you won’t disturb your co-workers.

6. Don’t let anybody talk

Do more listening than talking. The best way to do this is by not asking unrelated questions and not bringing up off-topic discussions. The most efficient meeting is the shortest meeting. Avoid everything that may make it longer.

Meetings are not for eating up your work time. They are not for long social discussions either. There is happy hour time for those.

7. Keep defending your point

Listen to different ideas and listen to them in order to understand, not to reply. There are different ways to reach the target. Work with your colleagues to find the best option.

Don’t take it personally if your point is not supported. There is work to do and people are there to work, regardless of their personalities. Make sure to leave your ego at the door. You are welcome to pick it up on the way home.

8. Use your laptop and type loudly

Some coworkers prefer taking notes on their laptops. It saves time if you need to send meeting minutes. However, there is room for misunderstanding. People may think that you are checking and replying to your emails instead of taking notes.

Additionally, the key pressing noises coming from your keyboard may distract other people. If it is a touchscreen, use it. If everybody is using notepads to take notes on, you should too.

9. Start your sentences with “No”

When somebody expresses his/her idea on a topic, if you start your speech by saying “No no no, it’s not like that, it’s like this,” you might offend people. Get ready for a counterattack.

There are kinder ways to express your concerns such as “I agree on this part but I think it would be better if you do it in this way.”

Written by Jack

Blogger and friend. Works in IT and entertainment industry. Thanks for checking out my post!

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