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Girls, Don’t Do These on Tinder If You Want Guys to Message You

1. Put a photo with a guy

Ex-boyfriend? Brother? Buddy? Father? There is no way that this helps you to find the right one. Men won’t be impressed because you are able to take a photo with a guy unless you are looking for threesome.

2. Put a photo of your tattoo


So, men are supposed to fall in love with your tattoo? You may get attention of tattoo artists though.

Don’t forget that people are unlikely to go to your profile and check your other photos. If they don’t see you in the first photo, they will swipe left and continue their journey.

The same applies for other unrelated photos such as objects, views, cartoons, your dog, etc. You should be in the first photo!

3. Put only group photos

Don’t make us think please! Put at least one solo photo. People swipe over 1 billion times a day on Tinder. So don’t get lost in numbers! Put your best solo photo as the first one.

4. Leave your profile empty

Just a few words could turn your luck around! It doesn’t have to be an essay. Don’t hesitate to tell what you like and what you expect on Tinder. It’s not rare that men read profile texts.

5. Increase expectations

Nobody is perfect! Unfortunately, this lady thinks otherwise. She is looking for her Brad Pitt. It would be encouraging for men if you don’t set high expectations (unless you are Angelina Jolie)

Written by Jack

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